Mary Roberts

Mary's son, Tim, asked me to photograph his mom just over a year ago, on April 20, 2017. She was cheerful and active; just looking at her you'd never guess that Mary had been fighting breast cancer for many years.  

This afternoon, after several weeks of hospice care, she passed away.

She was a lovely lady. She was one of those people who didn't wait for joy to find her; rather, she looked for it everywhere. She wanted to be delighted. 


Gerit Grimm's Enchanted View

Gerit Grimm is a sculptor and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Born in Halle, Germany, she has been mesmerized by the pottery wheel and the smell of clay since she was 12. 

Her work is fairytale-like, distinctive and large-scale. "I love the enchanted view," she told me. "I try to eliminate everything that distracts from that."

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Stefan Matioc

When he was a kid, he'd draw on himself if he ran out of paper. He falls in love daily. He speaks three languages and lives in Mexico City, although his family is from Romania and he was born in San Francisco. He's always trying to be more honest with himself. He's a writer, an illustrator, a designer, a painter.

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2017, it's been good. Real good.

I am beyond grateful to everyone who has been willing to sit in front of my lens over the last 12 months. You are all so beautiful, inside and out. I love your eye crinkles, your freckles, your smiles, your micro-expressions, your asymmetry, your perfection, your rainbow of hair and skin and eye colors, your body shapes and sizes, your years of experience and the freshness of your youth. I love your vulnerability, your courage, and your sense of humor.

Over the months, some of you have moved out of state, lost loved ones, battled cancer, gotten married or made babies. It has been an honor to photograph your lives and relationships.

With all my heart, thank you.