Bobbie Harte

What if you actually liked your photos?


“I hate having my picture taken.”

Have you ever said this? Probably, if any of these describe you:

  • you have 15,373 photos in your phone’s camera roll, but your face is only in 24 of them and that’s mostly because your 6-year-old nephew got ahold of your phone once when you weren’t looking

  • you can’t find a decent photo of yourself to put on your FB profile, so you use a photo of a sunset instead

  • you put your hand up to block your face whenever anyone points a camera in your direction

  • your LinkedIn profile pic is 10 years old

  • you secretly judge people who have good headshots and think they must be super vain

The irony?

You love your life. You’ve spent years building a business and life you love. You’ve worked hard, and you’re proud of your accomplishments. You’re grateful for this life — the life you’ve been given, the life you’ve created, the life you’ve fought for.

If only someone could photograph you in a way that showed all that. That showed on the outside how you feel on the inside.

I get it. I’m hard on myself too.

Most of us are hard on ourselves. We’d never talk to a friend the way we talk to ourselves.

“I’m not photogenic, so you’ll have your work cut out for you.” Almost every person in my portfolio said some version of that sentence to me.


But have you seen my portfolio?

It isn’t full of gorgeous people because I happen to know more beautiful people than anyone else.  

It’s full of beautiful people because everyone IS beautiful and I can see it. I have a Lightroom catalog chock full of images to prove it.  

I can see it in you, too.


Being photographed is scary because being seen means being vulnerable.  

It’s what we all crave but the idea can be terrifying. “What if she doesn’t like what she sees? What if I don’t like what I see?”

The process requires me to be open, too, which is also a vulnerable state. But all that vulnerability and openness? That’s where the magic happens.

I’ve got your back.

Every step of the way, I’ll guide you in what to wear, how to stand, how to look into the camera. I do everything in my power to create a safe, comfortable environment so you can relax and we can capture some authentic facial expressions.

We WILL get images you’ll love.

In fact, I’m so confident of this that I don’t charge a penny until you’ve seen the finished work. Then, you just buy the portraits you love.


Ready for details?