Photo by Lauren Holt

Photo by Lauren Holt


Bobbie Harte

I’m a photographer specializing in natural-light portraiture, and I love photographing people who say they’re not photogenic.

My mom passed away in 2010 when she was 58, and that’s a big part of why I’m a portrait photographer today. The only good professional portrait I have is her high school graduation photo from 1970. When I was a kid, she was the one taking the photos, so she’s not in most of them. She was photographed for the church directory a couple of times but those don't represent the sparkling, creative person that I knew.

So now I create the kind of portraits that I wish I had of my mom. Personal portraits that showcase a woman’s beauty and personality — at any age.

I love photographing business clients because of my own path in business, which began when I was 41. Starting a business has been challenging and exciting, and it’s the fastest track to personal growth that I know of. Every insecurity, money block, and personal hangup has the potential to take you down — or be transformed into a stronger, richer experience. I love creating headshots & branding portfolios that help people present themselves confidently, be seen in their professions and businesses, and connect with clients and associates.

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My Favorite Things

Poetry. Apple pie. Flowers. Two-hour lunches. Sewing by hand. Conversation. Coffee. The call of the red-winged blackbird. Period films. Texture. Judi Dench. Summer. Wabi sabi. Hardcover books. Cozy.




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