Nicole Budeau

When I met Nicole Budeau one of the first things I noticed was how she listens. She looks at you steadily with those warm brown eyes and you feel as if you're the most interesting person in the world.

I now know that she's also a risk-taker. A lifelong learner. She's complex. Luminous. Fabulous. Expressive. Affectionate. She's a healer. She shows up as fully as she can in her life, business & relationships.

She lost her mom early in life and that is a wound that never fully heals. It is also a wound that can cultivate a deep compassion and enthusiasm for life. It seems to me that Nicole fully inhabits every cell of her body, top to bottom, side to side, knowing that this all ends and we must live while we're alive.

It was a great pleasure to photographer her & her twin boys -- her miracle babies who were born too soon and could fit in the palms of her hands. Now they are 15, strong, and healthy.

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