Happy Winter Solstice

winter solstice 2018.jpg

Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. After this the days will lengthen, minute by minute, until the summer solstice in June, which is the longest day of the year. 

For me this day has extra significance as it is the anniversary of my mom’s passing. Every year since 2010 I’ve tried to create some rituals around this day to honor her memory and to cope with the sadness that often permeates the entire month of December.

One of those rituals is to keep a winter solstice journal to review the year I’ve just lived and think about the year to come. I start by making a list of the months of the year. I note everything I can remember for each month, such as: 

  • who I met 

  • where I traveled (near and far) 

  • beginnings and endings (happy and sad) 

  • discoveries (pleasant and unpleasant) 

  • successes and failures (expected and unexpected)

Reviewing the past year, I look for:

  • patterns 

  • cause for celebration 

  • what changed 

  • what was added to my life 

  • what I let go 

Then, I write out a wish, a prediction, and an intention. I seal it in an envelope to be opened next winter solstice.

I’ve been following this pattern since 2015 and I keep everything in the same journal. It’s amazing to look back over the years, and to reflect on what came to fruition, what worries disappeared into thin air, what has changed, and what has remained.

Whatever your day holds, I wish you peace, warmth, and the company of loved ones. xo Bobbie

Bobbie Hartewinter