Mare Chapman

Twice in the last month clients have half-jokingly mentioned that being photographed was like going to the dentist. On the one hand, this reminds me of what a privilege it is to hold the trust and vulnerability of someone who has said "Yes, photograph me." 

On the other hand, though, it makes me smile because this summer I broke a tooth and had to get a crown. Now, I have THE nicest dentist in the world and he made the experience as good as it could have been (laughing gas helped!). Still. It was not pleasant.

So, no matter how afraid you are of being photographed, I can assure you with 100% certainty that sitting in front of my lens is nothing like going to the dentist!

Mare Chapman was one of the people who made that comment, so I asked her to write a testimonial after her experience with me. Mare is a Madison-based author, mindfulness instructor and psychotherapist, as well as one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. I enjoyed spending time with Mare and I've found tremendous value in her book, Unshakeable Confidence

I LOVED my experience with Bobbie Harte!  I found her engaging, warm, fun, and she quickly and skillfully helped me relax and let go of my self-consciousness. Truly, to my great surprise, I found myself actually enjoying the experience.  I’m over the moon with the photos she took of me. She really ‘got me’! Thank you, Bobbie!
— Mare Chapman
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