A Little More Grace


Tori Gerding is wife to Matt & mother to little Evie, who is about 1 year old. She is also the owner of Ancora coffeeshops (one of which is mere steps from my studio!).  I had the pleasure of photographing Tori a couple weeks ago and afterwards she left the sweetest thank you note on my door.  It was the kind of note that made me stop in my tracks. 

When I photographed her, I only saw a glowing, lovely young woman with a lovely husband and baby, a woman who is strong and hardworking and successful. After reading her note, my heart ached. Everything I had seen was true, but there was so much more.

There is always so much more.

When we look at someone, we mostly see our own stories. Our prejudices, our preconceived notions, our likes and dislikes. But we have no idea what they are carrying. The comparing and the judging are unfair and unhelpful -- to everyone.

We all need to show ourselves and each other a little more grace.  

"Just wanted to say thank you again for photographing me this morning. Staring at my picture here in the office brought out more emotion than I had expected. This year has been an extremely hard one on Matt & I. (Evie is actually a twin -- her sister Mae was born sleeping.) Grieving one of my babes, I feel like I've been extra rough on myself & not the most kind in my thoughts & how I view myself. However, seeing the picture you printed for me, I see a strong & kind woman. This was the reminder I needed to show myself a little more grace & that I am stronger than I remember sometimes.  Thank you for that."

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