Serena West

serēnus (feminine serēna)
Clear, tranquil, serene.


I deeply respect this woman.

When we met about 10 years ago, Serena was desperately unhappy in a job she’d done for years. It was a familiar, comfortable job, one she could do with her eyes closed. It was a job that had been fun and fulfilling at one time. But she had grown and wanted more.

She decided to make a change, and once she had made that decision she was relentless. It took her five years to complete her nursing degree while continuing to work full time. Now she’s a hospice nurse for Agrace.

The best part? She loves her job. It's challenging on every level, which keeps her engaged and growing and learning.

There's something about grief, she told me. It's horrible, and it also has a beautiful distilling effect on people. It distills the love.

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