Dara Hartman

Dara Hartman is a studio artist living and working in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. She’s inspired by the intimacy of everyday objects and her ceramic work is a wonderful marriage of utility and beauty. Her use of color is restrained and elegant and her tableware is somehow delicate and practical all at the same time. I purchased a serving bowl from her Etsy shop and it is a thing of beauty and of function. The blue interior is exquisite.

We had so much fun in the studio exploring the different facets of who Dara is right now. She’s an incredibly active person — skiing, hiking, and practicing a mixed martial art called Krav Maga.

This is one my favorite aspects of portrait sessions — capturing as many facets of a person as possible, in this moment. Life passes so quickly, we change so much over the course of our lives. In 10 or 20 years, Dara will have these images to reflect on, to mark her journey, to remember her past selves.

Find Dara on Etsy and Instagram.

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