Pricing & Details

Headshots & Branding


Just Headshots $325


  • 30-minute session in my studio

  • one outfit

  • 5-10 fully-edited digital images

  • full reproduction rights


Branding Shoot I $725

In studio or on location. Includes:

  • 2-3 hour photoshoot

  • 2-3 outfits

  • 50+ digital images

  • full reproduction rights


Branding Shoot II $1425

In studio or on location. Includes:

  • 4-5 hour photoshoot

  • 5-6 outfits

  • 100+ digital images

  • full reproduction rights


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Which package is right for me?


Headshot Session

You’re an employed professional who doesn’t maintain their own website, but needs headshots for your employer’s website, LinkedIn, or a professional association profile. Perhaps you also speak at conferences, serve on a board of directors, or are active in community organizations. You may also write for industry publications or are occasionally interviewed as an expert in your field.

Or, you may be newly self-employed, on a super tight budget, and in need of a handful of images to jumpstart your website and social media.



Branding Session I

You’ve been self-employed for a couple of years now and you’re hitting your stride! You’re starting to understand what you have to offer, who your clients are, and how to position yourself. You’re treating yourself to some professional help with your website, and need a pool of images for banners, the blog, the about page, Instagram feed, email newsletters, online/print ads and more.



Branding Session II

You need lots of images for your website and profile pics, as well as for a product or book launch, social media feeds, digital advertising, email newsletters, email marketing, lead-generation, pdfs, and more.

You’re a small business going through a brand refresh and you need a mixture of headshots and branding imagery.


What clients are saying


Jordann Mason, H(om)egirl Consulting

“I can't thank you enough for this morning's experience. I got the chance to laugh and smile and reconnect with myself. Thank you for creating a space that allowed me to do this. And I can't believe I'm saying this (with my initial photo-phobia), but I can't wait to see the shots you got!”

Mare Chapman, author of Unshakeable Confidence

“I LOVED my experience with Bobbie Harte! I found her engaging, warm, fun, and she quickly and skillfully helped me relax and let go of my self-consciousness. Truly, to my great surprise, I found myself actually enjoying the experience.”

Gina Wentling, Stemina Biomarker Discovery

“Wow, I am so impressed. You captured my colleagues’ spirits (and my own) so beautifully. Thank you for your artist vision and masterful execution. You took a project that could be cookie-cutter and somewhat soulless and made it sing.”

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